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Sanding is the process of smoothing the surfaces of materials or removing burrs. This process is carried out with electric sanders, compressed air sanders or hand sanders. For an optimal surface finish, the sanders are equipped with a suitable sandpaper, sanding belt or sanding wheel.

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Hand sanders

The hand-held sanders are used for fine work, e.g. sanding furniture or corners.


The paper for sanding can be cut individually in length. The sandpaper is used in combination with a sanding block. The different grits are suitable for almost any application.

Sanding belt

In addition to hand sanders, the sanding belts are mainly used for belt sanders. The belt sandpaper guarantees a fast and high material removal.

Sanding Disks

The sanding discs are used for random orbital sanders. The discs are attached to the sander with a Velcro backing. Due to the strong adhesion, a high performance is guaranteed.

Festool abrasives

For your Festool sanders, you will find a large selection of high-quality Festool abrasives in our store.