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Angle Attachments

Angle Attachments

An angle attachment is a useful tool for the drill or cordless screwdriver. It is used when you have to drill around a corner or drill a hole or screw in in confined spaces and hard-to-reach places.

The angular attachments are available with and without chucks or with direct attachment for drills and bits with 1/4" (6.35 mm) hexagonal end.

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Drilling and screwdriving even in hard-to-reach places

The angle attachment is inserted into the chuck or bit holder of the drill, and the drill bit is placed in the angle attachment. Depending on the model, you can then drill at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the machine or, with the 360° angle attachment Orbiter, at any angle. The angle attachment is particularly easy to guide precisely when drilling or screwing if it is equipped with an additional handle.

When screwing, the bit is inserted directly into the angle attachment. When drilling, make sure to use short drill bits, otherwise the advantage of the attachment is lost due to the length of the drill bit.