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Woodpeckers' unique OneTIME tool programme.

Unique special tools are made to order. One time only and only within a specified order period. Within this period you have time to exclusively order the offered special tool. At the end of this period, production will start and your One TIME Tool will be produced exclusively for you. As soon as we receive the delivery, we will ship it to you immediately. This can take three to four months, depending on the tool in question.

Since the one-time tool is reserved and produced exclusively for you, orders on account are unfortunately not possible in the OneTIME Tool programme!

Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool

Woodpeckers OneTIME Tool

Unique and exclusive for you - OneTIME Tools by Woodpeckers.

Only available for a short time - so order NOW!

How does it work?

  1. You put the OneTIME tool you want into the shopping basket.
  2. You complete the order and pay in advance, e.g. by PayPal, credit card or prepayment within the order period (purchase on account not possible).
  3. After production, the OneTIME tool will be delivered to you as soon as it arrives in our warehouse.
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WOODPECKERS Angle-Depth Gauge

OneTIME Tool - Orderable until 26.12.2022!
Depth gauge | Marking gauge | Angle gauge

€79.90 *

Delivery March 2023

WOODPECKERS Protractor T-Square, 600 mm

OneTimeTool - Retired 30.11.2022!
Angle: +/- 90° | Metric scaling | Leg length: 600 mm

€289.00 *

Retired - Delivery March 2023