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Circular saw blades for wood

Circular saw blade rough
Circular saw blade medium
Circular saw blade fine
Circular saw blade extra fine
Tear-out free with scorer
Tear-free without scorer
Solid wood & natural woods
Hardwood & exotic woods
Double-sided laminated boards
With reamer longitudinal section
With scraper longitudinal & transverse
With deflector chip thickness limited
Circular saw blade for profile strips
Scoring saw blade 2-part for wood
Scoring saw blade for wood Conical
Wood thin section
Circular saw blades for Rip Cuts
Circular saw blades for Cross Cuts
Circular saw blades for Universal Use
Saw blade sets
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In our range you will find carbide-tipped circular saw blades for sawing wood.

To help you find your desired circular saw blade more quickly, we have subdivided them for your orientation:

  • by cutting quality (coarse, fine, medium cutting quality)
  • by material (hardwood, softwood or MDF boards)

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HM-tipped circular saw blades

We only stock saw blades with carbide tips, also called "Widia" blade. Due to the carbide tips, the teeth are very robust, resistant and have a long service life.

We stock circular saw blades of the brands FREUD (Italy), TREND (England) and Karnasch (Germany).