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Drilling head for cup hinges drilling head

Drill head suitable for the modular base of the pot band drill set from IGM. The IGM drilling system includes 8 different drill heads for different types of hinges (Blum, Salice, Hettich, Mepla, Grass and FGV). The FMB300 system is suitable for both pillar drilling machines and handheld machines. The systems can also be used on automatic drilling machines.

Pot hinges FMB Complete

For a complete set you also need 2 dowel drills, the corresponding Forstner drill and the modular base.

Drill Heads for FMB Drilling Template

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FMB4595 Multiboring Head 45-9,5 mm for BLUM Hinges

Drill head for concealed hinge type Blum
Dimensions: 45 / 9.5, drill head for base unit and drills of the FMB series.

€252.92 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

FMB5255 Multiboring Head 52-5,5 mm for HETTICH,...

Drill head for Concealed Hinge type Hettich/Würth
Dimensions: 52 / 5.5, drill head for base unit and drills of the FMB series.

€252.92 * €154.40 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **