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Insert plate RTI-PLATE

Plastic insert plate
universal for upperfräsen
Dimensions: 306 x 229 x 9.5 mm

  • Trend

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Router Table Insert plate RTI/PLATE - suitable for every router Large surface plate for... more

Router Table Insert plate RTI/PLATE - suitable for every router

Large surface plate for do-it-yourself construction of Router Tableen, incl. 2 insert rings + milling fence
Size: 306 x 229 x 9.5 mm - Opening: 98mm, 68mm and 32 mm

Long Unique and still popular mounting plate from Trend

For a long time there was no alternative to the RTI/PLATE from Trend with its large, stable plate made of high-quality, impact-resistant and break-proof plastic. The insert rings are about 0.8 mm deeper than the base plate to allow trouble-free cuts. 1A functionality guaranteed!

  • for Routingevery type - even large waiterfräsen with 2000 watts of power and more.
  • Milling cutter can be Router Tablelifted out of the machine together with the insert plate for easy and simple mounting and dismounting of the milling cutter.
  • Punched rings on the backside make it easier to center the milling cutter during the first assembly.
  • The plate is Router Tableonly clamped with the supplied levers, it does not need to be screwed down.
  • This means that the plate and the milling machine can be removed from the Router Tablemachine at any time, e.g. to make room for other equipment or to use the Router Tablelid for other work seal.

To fix the router, the threaded holes in the base plate of each router must be at least 115 mm apart to avoid getting into the area of the insert rings get there.