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Quarter router
without ball bearing

For a number of router jobs, quarter router cutters without ball bearings are required, especially if you want to mill directly into the surface. The "blunt" tip of the Quarter rod end mills without ball bearings are usually ground to allow immersion in the wood. You can use these routing cutters for edge processing as well as for surface design can be used.

Are you looking for a quarter rod cutter with ball bearing ?
Here you will find our metric selection of quarter rod cutters with ball bearing

Beading Cutters 8mm

viertelstabfraeser ohne kugellager

Double-edged quarter rod end mills HM

Quarter rod routing cutter with carbide (hard metal) tipping, but without ball bearing. Forehead and circumference cutting and therefore suitable for immersion.

R= radius - D= diameter - NL= effective lengt
SL= Shaft length - S= Shaft 8 mm