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Dowel Drill Routers

Unfortunately, many people do not yet know that there are routing tools for routers that can be used to drill dowel holes. Especially with row holes for shelving or The big advantage when routing dowel holes with the hand router in contrast to the Solutions with the drilling machine consist in the fact that a safe and exact 90° drilling / routing can be guaranteed by the base plate of the router built at right angles to the spindle. The fine depth adjustment on the routing machine also greatly facilitates the exact determination of the depth of the drilled hole for the wooden dowel. Our dowel drills for routers are available from 3 mm to 12 mm Diameter. All dowel cutters are carbide tipped and have two pre-cutters which ensure a very clean hole edge even in coated panel materials.

For an overview of all 8router cutters mm shafts please click here.

Dowel bit for routers

duebelbohrer-fuer oberfraese

Dowel drills for routers

These dowel drills are produced according to standards and are therefore ideal for drilling dowel holes.

The standard anchor diameters are: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm

You will also find suitable dowels here!

AØ = working knife - NL = working length
SØ = Shaft diameter - GL= Total length