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Flush routing cutter with thrust ring on top

A speciality are flush routing cutters with a thrust ring mounted on top of the shank. These routing cutters are particularly suitable for working with templates. The thrust ring guides the routing cutter flush along the template. After the ball bearing has been mounted on the shaft side, the edges are milled so that they are cleanly flush.

With this type of flush routing cutter, the template is set to the workpiece, while the normal flush routing cutters with thrust ring at the tip always hit a guide below the workpiece. Flush routing cutter with ball bearing on shank side are also often referred to as stencil cutters.

Flush router cutter with ball bearing on shank

buendigfraeser kugellager am schaft

Router bit with ball bearing mounted on shaft side

Base and flank cutting flush routing cutter with replaceable ball bearing mounted on the shank side. Conditionally suitable for drilling in and therefore also suitable as a groove. Ideal also as Template routing cutters, e.g. for curved workpieces.

D= Diameter - NL= Effective length - KL= Ball bearin
SL= Shaft length - GL= Total length
S= shank 8 mm