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Router Motors

Router Motors

AMB Router Motors (formerly Kress)
SUHNER Router Motors
MAFELL Router Motors
SAUTER Router Motor with Quick Release Collet
Collets for router motors
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Router motors are used in router tables, drilling jigs and CNC routers. With the standardised 43 mm clamping neck, all routing motors are very flexible and can be used individually. The speed is individually adjustable. Slim design make them ideal for use even in confined spaces. They are ideally suited for light routing operations - edge processing, contour routing, fine machining.etc.

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Router motor in combination with router lift

If you want to use the router motor on your router table, you need a router lift for motor mounting and height adjustment (e.g. router lift OFL2.0-AD43 for router motors or the pivoting router lift OFL3.0) . Thanks to the upward looking router spindle, the cutter change is simple and very convenient.

Which accessories are needed for my router motor?

For every routing motor there are suitable collets for routers and adaptors to allow a multitude of of different router cutters to be used.