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In order to be able to operate a router in a fixed position, we recommend the use of a router table. A router table allows the routing of larger and also very small workpieces that would be dangerous to work with freehand. It provides more safety, in particular safety aids such as safety switchesfeatherboards or mitre gauges.

For stationary work on the router table, a router motor is the optimal routing unit, since it is limited to the essential functions and thus also has a lower weight than the router. Here you will find router motors of professional brands, such as Suhner, Mafell and AMB.


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Professional router tables

Our router tables are designed for professional use, they are durable, robust  and offer a comfortable standing height when routing, many are expandable and many accesories are available.  In the category DIY router table you have the posibility to build your own table to the exact specifications you need.

At the bottom of this page you can find FAQs about router tables.


Frequently asked questions about Router Tables

  • 1. For what type of work would I use a router table?

    Anyone who uses a router in wood working will soon notice that when processing small workpieces, it can only be used with an increased risk of accidents and in some cases is no longer possible at all. This is where a router table comes into play: Here you can place even the smallest workpieces and always carry out the routing work extremely precisely - in comparison to the freehand guided router. In addition, you can easily produce identical pieces with consistent quality. A router table not only contributes to work safety but also extends the working area.

  • 2. What diffrent types of router table are there?

    There are many different types of router tables. They range from the small portable table top router tables such as the Trend CRT-MK3, to router tables that are designed to be a permenent part of a workshop set-up like the KREG PRS 1045. Larger workshops may even consider having a undertable spindle router such as the RUWI Table Router.

    Our tip:

    At sautershop we not only offer our own large range of router tables and accessories, but also offer all the necessary components to enable you to build your own DiY router table to exactly meet your requirements.

  • 3. What should I look out for when buying a router table?

    First and foremost you should pay attention to the stability of the table and the high quality of the individual components. Both lead to more work safety and a better work result. Make sure that the work surface is sufficiently large and stable. If the table top is too light, unnecessary vibrations can occur, which can have a negative effect on thework  result. We also recommend table legs that are height-adjustable in order to adapt the table optimally to the floor. A safety switch on the front of the router table is also an important work safety criterion. This means that the router is not directly connected to the mains supply, but is supplied with power via the integrated mains connection on the table. This ensures user-friendly and safe switching on and off. The most important accessories for router tables should also be of good quality: Rip fences, angular fences, pressure combs and also an extraction system for the chips produced should be available.THe router can be a dangerous machine when not used correctly, that is why we always recommend usind components fron proven companys. Often apparent savings are not worth in in the long run.

    Our tip:

    Our sauter router tables are available in Basic, Standard, Premium & All Inclusive versions and can be extended with accessories to suit your requirements.

  • 4. Up to what size do you offer router tables?

    We have router tables up to 1200 x800 mm

  • 5. What accessoires can I get for my router table?

    We offer the following accessories for your router table:

    And much more for the DIY router table itself like screws, slot nuts, feet & castors for router tables, router extensions etc.