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sauter Router Lifts for Router Tables

sauter Router Lifts for Router Tables

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A router lift significantly simplifies the operation of the router in table mode and leads to a cleaner result more quickly. 

Benefits of the sauter router lift OFL

  • 100% Made in Germany
  • high-quality, first-class, solid construction
  • Height fine adjustment to 1/10mm accuracy
  • no play in the column guidance
  • pre-drilled for common routers such as Bosch, CASALS, ELU, DeWalt, Festool, Perles or Trend

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sauter router lifts

The two different router lifts OFL1.0 and OFL2.0 during the application.

What are the advantages of a router lift?

A router lift is used to install a router or a router motor in the router table by means of the router lift. The decisive advantage is that the height can be adjusted from above  the router table. The height adjustment built into the router lift works for both routers and router motors. This eliminates the need for the woodworker to make awkward adjustments to the router underneath the table. The router lift makes height adjustment from above extremely easy, precise and infinitely variable. 

sauter router lifts OFL

The sauter router lift was developed and manufactured in cooperation with a Bavaria engineering company. The lifts impress with their absolutely high-class workmanship and the perfectly coordinated function of the fine height adjustment with spindle lock. The art of engineering "Made in Germany". 

The mechanical router lift with the aluminium insert plate can be installed in all self-built router tables or alternatively fits directly into the sauter router table tops (FTP & HPL). If you already have an existing insert plate in the sauter installation dimensions (306x229x9mm), you can simply replace it with the sauter OFL. 

Router lift in combination with a router


The three router lifts OFL1.0, OFL2.0 and OFL2.0-MINI have been designed for use with routers. The following routers are compatible:

  • The OFL1.0 and OFL2.0 is pre-drilled for many routers, e.g. Bosch GOF1600CE, Festool OF1400, Perles OF9, Trend T11, Mafell LO 65 EC and more from our shop.
  • The OFL2.0-MINI is designed for smaller routers, such as the Festool OF1010 or the Makita RT0700.

An overview of all compatible routers for the OFL1.0, OFL2.0 and OFL3.0 lifts can be found here: compatibility list.

Router lift in combination with a router motor


The two router lifts OFL2.0-AD43 and the swivelling version OFL3.0 are designed to work with a router motor. The router motor is the optimal unit for working at the router table, as it can fully perform the necessary basic functions at the router table and, in contrast to the router, enables a comfortable cutter change from above. Due to the lower weight of the  motor, it is also easier to handle. 

The sauter router lifts are compatible with router motors with a classic 43 mm standard neck.