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Dowel drill HW (HM) back milled S = 10 x 30 mm, total length 70 mm.

HW solid drill head with center point and negatively ground pre-cutters. Plastic-coated spiral for better chip ejection. Cylindrical shank with clamping surface and adjusting screw.

Dowel Drill D-Cut Shaft 10 x 30 mm, Length 70 mm

duebelbohrer hinterfraest schaft 10xxx

Dowel drill back milled Shank 10x30 mm

Total length 70 mm

Our rear-milled dowel drills are equipped with a solid carbide cutting head including pre-cutters, centering tip and adjusting screw.
They are particularly suitable for clean routing of wood, board materials, MDF, etc.

Note left/right gear!

D= Diameter - S= Shank dimensions
GL= Total length - AL= Working length

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