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Sjöbergs workbench
Pinie Workbench
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A high-quality planing bench is made of solid hardwood and thus impresses with a extrem weight. This weight guarantees that the workbench does not move during planing, mortising and sawing. A workbench offers suitable clamping possibilities for the following applications:

  • Surface machining
  • Machining of end faces
  • Edge processing

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What is the difference between Sjöberg's workbenches and Pinie workbenches?


Sjöbergs Workbenches

Pinie Workbenches

Country of production

Made in Sweden

Made in the Czech Republic


Light and heavy benches available

Very heavy and stable benches

Dog Hole Diameter

Scandie, Junior/Senior, Smart workbenches: Ø19mm hole diameter,
Elite workbenches: Ø25.4mm hole diameter

All holes Ø19mm → Accessories from other manufacturers can be used well

Mobile workbenches

Sjöbergs Workbench Smart

Pinie Tabletop Workbench

German style vice

No German style vice in the programme

Classic German vice, see workbench Profi Plus

Right/left-handed models

Workbench Elite can be assembled for right- and left-handers

Workbenches can be ordered for right- or left-handers

Special Features

Sustainable wood (FSC-certified) and up to 10 years manufacturer's warranty

Individual custom production according to personal wishes possible

Frequently asked questions about Workbenches

  • 1. What should I pay attention to when buying a Woodworkers bench?

    When buying a woodworkers bench, make sure that it is sufficiently stable, heavy and well equipped. The worktop should be made of hardwoods such as beech, oak or birch. We also recommend that you make sure that you can equip or extend the workbench to suit your needs if needed

  • 2. How do I find the right workbench for me?

    This depends on the one hand on your own available space and on the other hand on what you intend to do with it. In our store you will find small mobile workbenches as well as stationary workbenches from a length of 870 mm to 2,650 mm. . In any case, make sure that there is enough space and freedom of movement between the workbench and other machines, cabinets, etc. If you need storage space, for example, you can equip your workbench with a base cabinet. Other useful  workbench accessories.can be purchased as well.

    Our tip:

    The Pinie workbenches of the series "Profi" are equipped with two double spindle vices, the workbenches of the model "Profi Plus" with one double spindle vice and one single spindle The model "Profi II" have double spindel vices driven by a chain, therefore the jaws always remain parallel regardless of the clamping situation.

    The workbenches from the Swedish manufacturer Sjöbergs have double spindle vices . On the "Elite" model, the vises can be mounted individually for left or right handers.

  • 3. How does a woodworkers bench differ to a normal workbench?

    Compared to a normal workbench, a woodworkers bench is usually equipped with  a very strong and heavy worktop and a stable frame that absorbs the strong pushing forces that occur, for example, during planing. In addition,there are normally two clamping options. On the left side you will find the front vice, on the right side the rear vice.( On some models the opposite is possible for laft-handers) The front vice is used to clamp workpieces vertically. The rear vice has two functions, either normal vertical clamping or, by using bench dogs you can also clamp your workpiece flat on the surface, i.e. horizontally. 

  • 4. What are the advantages of a woodworkers bench?

    A woodworkers bench is a stable, heavy workbench for woodworking and is essential for precise and safe working with wood. A good bench should not be missing in any workshop.

    Our tip:

    You should not carry out metal work on your workbench, as the metal chips can embed into the wood of the workbench and thus damage the workpiece. 

  • 5. What accessories are available for woodworkers benches?

    We offer a wide range of bench accessories such as bench dogs, bench clamps, vices, edge protectors, worktop protectors and base cabinets. You can also fit your workbench with workbench rollers if you need to move your bench around the workshop.

  • 6. What different types of woodworkers benches do you have?

    We offer workbenches from the Swedish manufacturer Sjöbergs, as well as workbenches from the Czech manufacturer Pinie.

    Pinie workbench: The series of workbench "Profi" is available in three different lengths and is equipped with double spindle vises. The series workbench "Profi Plus" is available in two sizes and are equipped with one double spindle and one single spindle vice The series of workbench "Profi II" - also available in three sizes - has two solid vises, each guided by a chain driven, double spindle.  All workbenches can be equipped with a practical cabinet.

    Sjöbergs workbench: The series workbench "ELITE" is available in two different sizes and is the most massive variant of the brand. The lighter models workbench "SCANDI" also exist in two lengths and are equipped with double rows of bench dog holes. The series workbench "JUNIOR/SENIOR" is adjustable in height and can be used by children and adults. A portable variant offers the series workbench "SMART", which is available in two sizes and can be used for any work surface.

  • 7. How do I care for my workbench?

    All our  woodworking benches are already oiled. Sawdust and shavings can simply be swept or vacuumed off. However, we recommend that you treat the bench with a wood oil from time to time to prevent the wood from drying out and to preserve the surface. This prevents paint or wood glue from penetrating so quickly.

    Our tip:

    Wipe off fresh wood glue or paint immediately with a damp cloth. Dried wood glue or paint can be easily removed with a scraper.