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Classic milling template I-CRCS-302 1
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Classic milling template

Milling template for doors, sample type "Classic"

Sample milling template set 440 x 185 mm.

  • IGM
  • I-CRCS-302
  • 3.13 kg

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Milling template for doors, pattern type Classic Sample milling template... more

Milling template for doors, pattern type Classic

Sample milling template set 440 x 185 mm.

Application: Place the pattern milling template on the workpiece (preferably using the template frame matching the template size). Desired milling depth by means of adjusting screw on the router Adjust the Carver cutter and then cut all the grooves in the template. The cutter is guided with its tapered ring in the grooves of the template. Due to the conical shape, the milling cutter mills deeper or less deep into the material, depending on the width of the groove in the pattern milling template. This creates a milling pattern as if you were carving a groove by hand would have.

The complete milling pattern is created when all individual template parts have been used according to the instructions and all grooves have been milled out. Please note that the templates must also be applied turned over or turned one after the other. In this respect we recommend the use of our stencil frames. The individual stencil parts are labeled to To facilitate the order and arrangement of the individual stencils.

Tip: make sure that the milling cutter with the conical thrust ring is already guided in the groove before you start your milling cutter, otherwise it may happen that when you press down the milling cutter from Milling into the template itself by mistake.