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AKE SuperSilent 3 Universal

Circular saw blade- DIA - tear-free cut - for solid wood, derived timber products & coated boards | Longitudinal and cross cuts - extremely fine cutting quality - for vertical panel saws | 303 x 2.4/1.8 x 30mm, Z=43 DCG

  • Brand: AKE
  • Article-No.: AK-78253034330
  • Weight: 1.115 kg
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EUR 469.36
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Circular saw blade DIAMANT SuperSilent® 3 Universal for size and finish cuts

Quiet, clean sizing of large panels with best service life --> Super- saw blade for vertical panel saws!

Fields of application:

  • Optimally suited for cross sections in softwood, hardwood and exotic wood
  • Optimally suited for longitudinal cuts in softwood, hardwood and exotic wood
  • Ideally suited for glued wood, joinery and veneer plywood and laminated wood panels
  • Ideally suited for vertical panel saws
  • Ideally suited for chipboard, hardboard, plastic coated/veneered, MDF and HDF
  • Ideally suited for veneers
  • Optimally suited for profile strips
  • Note: For extremely abrasive materials such as HPL, fibre cement or aerated concrete we recommend .


IMPORTANT: A separate splitting wedge is required due to the thin cutting width! Only use a wedge with a thickness of 1.9 mm. --> Here you can find the suitable splitting wedge for your Machine.

Finally, we recommend the purchase of the Multi-Clean cleaner. A regular cleaning of the blade is essential to ensure permanently good cutting results and a long service life can. --> 1l spray bottle or 5l canister can can therefore be purchased separately.

Technical Data

  • D 303 x 2.4/1.8 x 30 mm
  • Teeth Z=43 DCG (Direct-Chip-Guide®)
  • Side holes for driving pins UNI (2/7/42 + 2/9/46,5 + 2/10/60)
  • For vertical panel saws with/without scorer
  • Exclusively designed for manual feed
  • Recommended speed: as high as possible - up to max. 6,000 rpm
  • Saw blade with tear-free cut - extremely fine cutting quality
    --> For best results on the exit side, we recommend the use of a scoring saw blade, especially for chipboard.
    Please scorer separately order.
  • For rip and cross cuts in solid wood, raw wood materials and single and double-sided coated board materials and laminate

Features and advantages

super low noise

Volume reduction of up to 75% (approx. 75 dB(A)) --> "As quiet as dust ."

super cutting performance

Hardly any cutting pressure left thanks to MicroGeo® for unmatched safety when working --> "Sawing like butter

super cut quality

Permanently wafer-thin, brilliant cut in solid wood, wood-based materials and even in abrasive materials --> "Saws simply everything (on wood-based materials)

great durability

Extremely economical, exceptionally long service life, can be sharpened twice, no need to change saw blades --> "Lasts forever


Perfect for format cuts - especially advantageous for high tension materials


Other features of the saw blade:

  • Main body made of first-class steel quality, laser cut and balanced.
  • Perfect grinding, lowest tolerances (H7) and the highest quality industrial diamond guarantee excellent cutting quality.
  • Absolutely precise and smooth running.
  • Risk of injury significantly minimized - effortless sawing - low kickback.
  • Super quiet - sound intensity reduced by up to 99
  • Diamond teeth and innovative basic body design with Direct-Chip-Guide® ensure almost perfect chip removal
  • Re-sharpening possible twice --> service life e.g. with MDF thus up to approx. 13,000 m


  • AKE SuperSilent 3 Universal

    The unique features & functions of the 'SuSi' (German)

AKE SuperSilent 3 Universal
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