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Payment and Taxes

Additional charges.

Sales Tax (VAT)

From 01 July 2021 customers buying from a country that is a member of the European Union are required to pay for goods using the rate of sales tax that is charged in country the goods are delivered to. That means that, for example, a customer buying from Ireland has to pay the Irish VAT rate of 23%. The prices you see in our shop are all including the German 19% VAT (MwSt.). However at the checkout the prices charged will automatically be inclusive of the applicable rate depending of the destination country. If you're logged in your account on our website all prices will change immediatelly including applicable rates.

Deliveries to countries outside the EU, will not be charged any sales tax. However they may be subject to customs and value-added tax in the country of destination. The customer shall be deemed to be the importer and shall be obligated to pay the amounts due. These are normally collected by the shipping company (DHL, UPS etc.) who pass them on to the relevant authority in that country. Some handling costs may be charged.

Orders from a country outside the EU with delivery to an EU country: If you have your goods delivered to an EU country, you must first pay the gross value of the goods including the applicable VAT. In the case of subsequent export into a country outside the EU, The VAT can be reclaimed at the border, we will be happy to provide the relevant documents.

Deliveries are made within Europe by DHL, DPD or UPS and their local partners. Please refer to the table here for a detailed information.