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Screw clamps are essential to have your hands free for wood design. A number of screw clamps are used in professional woodworking to fix the workpiece securely and gently. These clamps are important to be able to work with the various Machines, be it a router, a hand- or table saw or a classic hand tool, to work the wood. Especially for gluing, holding and clamping screw clamps of all kinds are used.

Screw clamps - clamping elements for the wood workshop

Among the most well-known are certainly the traditional screw clamps of different length and projection. Important is the quality, shape and the Material of the clamping jaws. Because they hold the workpiece and lie directly on its surface. Here it depends on the fact that the contact pressure is strong enough to but in no way will it be adversely affected. Because that would ruin the workpiece.