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Festool manufactures power tools for woodworking and other trades. Many people still know the manufacturer under its former name Festo.

Festool machines enjoy an outstanding reputation among professionals and private users alike. The reliability and high manufacturing quality of the products contribute to this reputation. In addition, the manufacturer is characterised by a very high level of innovation. Examples include the Domino dowel cutter or battery packs that communicate with the suction mobile via Bluetooth and start it automatically when the battery tool is switched on. Such new approaches, which often become industry standards, can be found in every sector of the range. The system concept and the 10-year spare parts guarantee round off a top-class manufacturer.

The Festool system

Another advantage of Festool tools has always been the coordination of the individual articles with the overall range. Today, more than ever, Festool offers a well thought-out and coherent system that meets all requirements: from electric machines to accessories, workshop equipment, Systainers, tools such as drills and bits and consumables.

Festool shop in sautershop

As an official Festool dealer, we offer almost the complete range of products from the manufacturer. A special focus is on the power tools for woodworking. However, you will also find multifunctional tables, workplace equipment and Systainers, which are often used by other trades. We would particularly like to highlight our range of Festool machines in the following sectors:

Drilling and screwing

Cordless screwdrivers and drills are among the most important power tools in almost every craft activity. Festool offers a wide range of cordless tools, so that there is a suitable cordless screwdriver or cordless drill for every conceivable task - right through to drywall screwdrivers for magazine-loaded drywall screws and powerful yet compact cordless hammer drills. The associated battery packs are available in different capacities. There are also quick chargers and mobile PowerStations so that longer jobs can be carried out far from the nearest power socket.

Sawing with semi-stationary saws

Festool always has the wishes and needs of its professional customers in mind when it comes to its machines. That is why, in addition to hand-held circular saws, semi-stationary saws are also included in the range. In the workshop, they are useful for certain special tasks (cross-cut and mitre saws) or complement the existing large stationary machines when it comes to the "quick cut in between". However, they show their particular strengths in mobile use on the construction site. Mitre saws and table saws as well as table pull saws are designed for quick and easy transport with full functionality and high precision.

Sawing with hand-held circular saws

Festo introduced the first electric circular saw to the German market as early as 1930 with the model SB 126. Its successors, today's hand-held circular saws from Festool, are characterised by ergonomic design, safe operation and high-precision work results. Both the circular hand saws and the plunge saws are available in different performance classes and battery versions. The range is rounded off by a versatile range of circular saw blades and other accessories, including guide rails - a now widely used tool that was developed at Festo over 40 years ago.


The hand router has revolutionised woodworking in recent decades. Many jobs that could previously only be done with a bench router or by hand with various planes can now be done quickly and easily with a router. In addition to routers in three different power classes (1010 watts, 1400 watts and 2200 watts) and a selection of useful accessories, Festool also offers various edge routers that are perfectly suited to their field of application.


Surface treatment is - not only in woodworking - the domain of power tools. Festool offers sanders of the most common types: Delta sanders, random orbital sanders, sliders and belt sanders. There are also battery-powered models and those that run on compressed air. The innovative edge sander also deserves attention, a special machine that quickly pays for itself when you need to carry out appropriate work.

Dust Extraction

Time and again, you will see the manufacturer's equally eye-catching mobile extractors and industrial vacuums on construction sites alongside Festool's unmistakable Systainers. Often in combination, as the Systainers can easily be connected with the vacuums to form a mobile unit. Extractors such as Systainers thus signal from afar how popular Festo products are with professionals. The suction cups are not only available in different performance classes, models for hazardous and flammable substances are also available. As always, Festool also offers a well thought-out system of accessories for the extractors.

Festool accessories

If one can speak of a well thought-out system with Festool, then this is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer does not regard accessories as an afterthought to the power tools, but always takes care to use them to expand the range of their possibilities and capabilities. Thus, you will not only find saw blades, routers, bits and drills as well as consumables in the Festool range, which are, after all, absolutely necessary for the operation of the machines. On the contrary, there are some areas where the variety of complementary accessories enables every user to put together his own system tailored precisely to his requirements. This applies, for example, to a large extent to the guide rails with their various stops, adapters and extensions as well as to the Systainers, which can be effortlessly put together to form individual storage and transport solutions and supplemented by power modules, multifunctional tables and suction mobiles.

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Grinding wheels STF D150/48 P80 RU2/50

STF D150/48 P80 RU2/50 abrasive discs

Grain size: P80 Package contents: 50 pcs

€45.80 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Drill countersink BSTA HS D 4 L60 CE

Countersink with depth stop BSTA HS D 4 L60 CE
Diameter: 4 mm | Max. Drilling depth: 60 mm

€78.90 *

Delivery from 31.05.2023

Cordless screwdriver C 18-Basic

Drill chuck: 1.5 - 13 mm | Systainer SYS3 M 187


€274.94 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Geared eccentric sander ROTEX RO 125 FEQ-Plus

Sanding stroke 3.6 mm | Plug it cable | SYSTAINER SYS3 M 187
FastFix sanding pad Ø 125 mm (soft-HT)


€635.95 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Edge sander ES-ETS 125 REQ-Plus

AH-ES-ETS/ETSC positioning aid | Plug it power cable | Systainer SYS3 M 337


€463.60 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Forstner drill bit FB D 20 CE

for Festool cordless drills and cordless impact drills with CENTROTEC interface

€38.18 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Bit assortment SYS3 XXS CE-MX BHS 60

for all Festool cordless drills with FastFix interface
15 Piece High Quality Set

€46.85 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Bit assortment SYS3 XXS CE-PZ BHS 60

For all Festool cordless drills with FastFix interface

€49.69 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Forstner drill bit FB D 30 CE

for Festool cordless drills and cordless impact drills with CENTROTEC interface

€45.85 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Systainer³ ToolBox SYS3 TB M 237

The open Systainer for instant access.

€64.44 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

€129.63 * €99.38 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Auger bit set SB CE/6-Set

for TPC 18/4, TDC 18/4, C18 and T18 with CENTROTEC interface

€171.80 * €139.90 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Auger bit SB CE D6

For use in the WH-CE CENTROTEC tool chuck

€28.23 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

€162.71 * €103.72 *

Delivery from 31.05.2023

Auger bit SB CE D10

For use in the WH-CE CENTROTEC tool chuck

€30.77 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Auger bit SB CE D14

For use in the WH-CE CENTROTEC tool chuck

€33.19 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

€129.63 * €92.45 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Forstner drill bit FB D 15 CE

for Festool cordless drills and cordless impact drills with CENTROTEC interface

€34.31 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Auger bit SB CE D12

For use in the WH-CE CENTROTEC tool chuck

€32.08 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Bit assortment SYS3 XXS CE-TX BHS 60

for Festool cordless drills and cordless impact drills with CENTROTEC interface

€37.84 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Auger bit SB CE D8

For use in the WH-CE CENTROTEC tool chuck

€29.31 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Spare part set FB-CE/ET-Set

For CENTROTEC Forstner drill bit (item no. 205749)

€29.52 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Festool Trinkflasche TFL-FT1 1L

Trinkflasche TFL-FT1 1L
Verpackung im Karton

€27.32 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

€85.69 *

Delivery from 08.06.2023

€60.14 * €50.17 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Forstner bit FB D 35 CE

For cordless drills and cordless impact drills with CENTROTEC interface
Drill Ø: 35 mm

€49.69 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Auger bit SB CE D16

For use in the WH-CE CENTROTEC tool chuck

€35.94 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Forstner drill bit FB D 25 CE

for Festool cordless drills and cordless impact drills with CENTROTEC interface

€42.16 *

Delivery time 3 - 5 days **

Groove unit VN-HK85 130X16-25

Compatable with the Hand Saw HK85
Systainer SYS3 M 137

€619.22 *

Delivery from 12.06.2023

Festool Trinkflasche TFL-FT1 1,5L

Trinkflasche TFL-FT1 1,5L

€30.43 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Festool Circular Saw HK 55 EBQ-Plus

Systainer SYS3 M 337


€438.93 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Cordless drill T 18+3 HPC 4,0 I-Set

2x Battery | Rapid Charger | FastFix attachments | Systainer SYS3 M 187


€706.76 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Assembly package SYS3 M 89 ORG CE-SORT

104 Piece Assortment for CENTROTEC interfaces

Systainer SYS3 ORG M 89


€526.16 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Festool Circular saw HK 85 EB-Plus-FS

Incl FS1400/2 Guide Rail | Systainer Sys3 M 437


€853.79 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Festool Akku-Schlagschrauber TID 18 Basic 4,0

Für unverwüstliche Drehfreude.

€337.82 * €289.00 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

Suction hose D 36x3,5-AS/KS/B/LHS 225

Extraction hose especially for long-neck sanders | Bypass sleeve

€229.97 *

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

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FAQs - Frequently asked questions about FESTOOL - all Festool articles

1. Are Festool products "Made in Germany"?

The machines and accessories are developed at the company's headquarters in Baden-Württemberg. 80 percent of the products are also manufactured in Germany. Small amounts of Festool products are made in other EU lands.

2. What is the difference between Festo and Festool?

The brand name Festo (after the company founders Albert Fezer and Gottlieb Stoll) today stands for a group of companies in control and automation technology. The woodworking machinery division belongs to its own group of companies and now trades under the name Festool.

3. Does the Festool range only include woodworking machines?

No, there are also machines for other trades and industries, including painters and varnishers, metal construction, interior finishing and the automotive industry. In addition, many components of the range (such as the multifunctional tables or the Systainers) can be used for different types of work.

4. Is Festool a brand only for professional users?

Definitely not, because the features that make Festool so popular with professionals, for example- 

  • Quality,
  • durability and
  • precision

naturally also pay off when you use them as a private person.

5. Does Festool only offer power tools?

No. Festool also offers compressed air devices for work where this makes sense. For example, with the sanding machines.

6. Can I also use the Festool Systainer for tools from other manufacturers?

Yes, of course. There are empty systainers that can be used for this. Festool also offers Systainers for hand tools and Sortainers for consumables and small parts.

7. Does Festool also offer solutions for equipping the workplace?

Yes, of course. And for the workplace in the workshop as well as on the construction site: 

  • Vacuum clamping systems
  • Multifunctional tables
  • Mobile workshops
  • Combination solutions for Systainers

8. What are the warranty conditions for Festool articles?

Festool offers extended warranty protection over and above the statutory guarantee and warranty obligations, which is valid for 36 months after purchase, provided you have registered the tool online. You can view the contents of the "all-inclusive guarantee" and all the essential information required to claim under the guarantee here. You should regester your tool in the country where you reside.

9. How can I register with Festool?

The free registration for the warranty all-inclusive is done via your personal customer account "MyFestool". You can easily register your tool online within the first 30 days after purchase/delivery.

10. What is behind the Festool all-inclusive guarantee?

The warranty covers all material and manufacturing defects and, in contrast to the statutory warranty, also all spare and heavy wear parts. 

11. How does Festool's anti-theft protection work and what do I need to be aware of?

A device stolen from the workshop, the car or from the construction site will be replaced by a new device against a payment of 125 euros (or 1000 euros in the Power Station category). It is important to observe the deadlines: The theft must be reported to the police immediately and the documents (report, warranty certificate) must be submitted to Festool within five days.

12. Where can I get a special spare part for my Festool tool?

Festool guarantees to stock the corresponding spare part until 10 years after the end of production. Of course, you can contact us as a Festool dealer - we will be happy to help you find the right part.

13. Does the sautershop offer all Festool products?

As an official Festool online retailer, we place a clear focus on the woodworking sector, but do not limit our range to this.

14. Does sautershop also offer accessories and the like from Festool?

Yes, you can also get Festool abrasives, saw blades, drills, bits, routers and more from us. We also offer a wide range of products from other manufacturers in this area that can be used with Festool machines without any problems.

15. I enjoy working with Festool power tools. Does Festool also offer products to increase this fun factor?

Yes. If you really want to rock the work, then why not let a Festool construction site radio or Bluetooth speaker provide the sound in the workshop or on the construction site.

16. Can I show that I am a fan of Festool products?

Yes, there are a number of fan products with the typical neon green Festool name.