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We offer semi-stationary circular table saws, mitre saws and underfloor pull saws from professional manufacturers. In addition, there are also electric jigsaws, hand-held circular saws and plunge saws at an equally high level of quality. For these machines we have a wide range of accessories, guide rails and MFT tables, but above all we offer an inexhaustible assortment of circular saw blades, including "Die Roten" from the manufacturer Freud. We also have a good selection of Japanese saws for the quick cut in between without major set-up and adjustment work.

The Saw

Whether it's the simple hand saw, an electric saw or a table saw: saws are always used in woodworking, because they are among the most important tools of the woodworker. We offer you a wide range of different saws. In order to bring some order into this variety and to make it easier for you to find your way around, you will find information on the different types of saws and their use below.

Hand saw - always indispensable

Even if the workshop is very well equipped with power tools and machines, one will always have certain hand tools in stock and use them. One of these is the hand saw - usually there are even several different saws. They make work easier when it comes to quickly shortening a workpiece in between or performing similar tasks. Often, such a task is completed more quickly with the hand saw because the various set-up and adjustment times that are necessary with an electric saw or stationary saw are eliminated here.

On the other hand, there are also jobs that cannot be done with an electric saw or not as well as with a hand saw. Think, for example, of cutting dovetails, even if appropriate dovetail jigs can be used for this purpose, or sawing dowels flush without damaging the surrounding wood surface.

Japanese saws offer a number of advantages over conventional European saws, such as tenon saws, back saws, foxtails:

  • high cutting quality
  • thin saw kerf
  • long service life

We offer a range of the most common Japanese saws, as well as pruning saws of Japanese design.

Electric saws - save time and effort

When it comes to sawing different materials efficiently, precisely and quickly, there are a number of different electric saws to choose from. They offer different advantages and disadvantages depending on the work at hand, which you should take into account and weigh up against each other when deciding what to buy.

Hand-held circular saw

The hand-held circular saw - especially in combination with a guide rail or a saw table like our Vario-Bench - is also suitable for many tasks that you would otherwise carry out with a table saw or other large stationary machines, e.g. a sliding table saw or panel saw. Compared to these, however, it has the advantage of greater mobility, so that it can also be used whenever fast or rough cutting of various materials is required in the workshop or elsewhere. We offer corded and battery-powered circular saws from the manufacturers Festool, Mafell and Trend with the respective accessories.

Plunge saws

The plunge saw is similar to the hand-held circular saw in many respects. The main difference is that it does not have to cut into the material from one edge of the workpiece, but can be used at any point. This makes it easy, for example, to cut recesses in the centre of panels - think of the recesses for hobs and the like in kitchen worktops. However, the different design of the plunge saw also offers other advantages. For example, the extraction of sawdust is more efficient, it is easier to use with a guide rail or saw table, and it is easier to put the plunge-cut saw down than with a hand-held circular saw. We offer plunge-cut circular saws from leading manufacturers Bosch, Festool, Mafell, Makita and Triton, including cordless plunge-cut saws.


The jigsaw comes into its own when you need to make small cuts in the middle of a workpiece for which a plunge saw is too large. For cuts inside the workpiece, you will usually drill a hole into which the saw blade is inserted. However, with pendulum jigsaws you can also make plunge cuts without a hole. Pendulum jigsaws also offer other advantages: better chip ejection and higher sawing power.

As with the other electric saws, we offer not only suitable accessories for the jigsaws from our manufacturers Bosch, Festool, Mafell and Triton, but also a large selection of jigsaw blades for different materials. Of course, these saw blades can also be used for jigsaws from other manufacturers.

Stationary saws

In addition to the large stationary saws, such as sliding table saws, panel saws, table saws and band saws, you will find a number of smaller stationary saws in the professional woodworking shop. They are also frequently used by private users, either as a supplement to the large machines, as is the case with the professionals, or in some cases instead of them. Because of their lighter weight and smaller dimensions, they are also suitable for mobile use to a certain extent.

Mitre saws

Today, the cross-cut and mitre saw is almost always offered as a pull saw, which makes it possible to saw wider workpieces. If the saw unit can be tilted as well as swivelled, so-called compound cuts are possible, which deviate from the right angle in two dimensions.

Our range includes various saws from the manufacturers Festool, Trend and Triton, which meet the highest standards of precision and workmanship. For special purposes, we also offer the Festool Symmetric compound mitre saw and a mitre saw with rechargeable battery from Trend.

When using the mitre saw, you often work with long workpieces. In this case, it is advisable to use additional tables that support the material to the left and right of the saw. These support tables are integrated in the Bora Portacube mitre saw base, but we also offer multifunctional tables for this purpose.

Circular table saws

We offer the Festool circular saw TKS 80 as a smaller but fully-fledged circular table saw for mobile and stationary use. It leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance and equipment and is distinguished by a feature that is otherwise only found on much larger machines. The SawStop technology ensures a very high level of safety when sawing non-conductive materials, e.g. wood, but also some plastics and the like - serious injuries to fingers or hands are ruled out.

The Triton Workcenter TWX can be equipped with a circular saw module and then used not only as a multifunction table but also as a table saw.

Underfloor pull-out saws

The classic table saw for mobile and semi-stationary use is the underfloor pull saw, as we have known it for decades as the Mafell Erika. In addition to this saw, which enjoys constant popularity, we also offer two models of the Festool trimming saw Precisio, which are characterised by extremely low weight and a very comprehensive package of accessories. The saws from both manufacturers offer the typical advantages of the underfloor pull saw:

  • low weight and small dimensions
  • high precision in cross-cut and rip cuts
  • safe working due to the underfloor pull function

Accessories for saws

Working with the saw becomes easier, more precise and safer with the right accessories. We offer guide rails, pressure combs, push blocks and sliding sticks, saw tables and mitre boxes as well as various small aids for the above-mentioned saw types.

Saw blades for circular saws

A special focus of our accessories programme for circular saws are the circular saw blades. The choice of the right saw blade is not only decisive for the precision and quality of the cut, but also for the safety at work when using the circular saw. We offer a very wide range of different circular saw blades from proven manufacturers including Festool, Mafell, Freud and Trend, which meet the very highest requirements. You can make your choice according to application and material or saw type, or access the range according to the size of the saw blade.