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sautershop -The router specialists - the creative tool for woodworking

Models for beginners, mid-range routers and professionals

The Router Tool is at the heart of our product range.We supply routers from many of the worlds leading suppliers including Trend, Perles,Triton, Festool, Mafell and DeWALT. A huge reages of accessories, for all models, starting with the routing cutter, can also be found in our shop. 

Best quality Routing Cutters: Precise and durable
We have put together more than 3,000 router cutters, sorted by size, for you:  8 mm and 12 mm  shank sizes start as the standard sizes. However large selection of more specialized shank sizes 3 mm, 6 mm, also ¼ inch and ½ inch end mills, are also available. Working with the router opens up infinite possibilities in wood design: sautershop therefore has the right cutter for every applicationgroove cutters, flush cutters, burr cutters, profile cutters and many, many more. For more than 10 years we have been specializing in this area of Woodworking.

Routing Templates and Accessories

The routing template is one of the most important aids when routing wood. In the shop we have a a comprehensive selection, whether you want to rout compasses, curves or cut-outs. You will also find the matching wood cutter - if only one special routing cutter is suitable for a certain template, this is described directly with the template. Otherwise, please select the wood cutter from our range that best suits your needs. If you have decided on a tine routing machine, we also recommend the right tine routing cutters for each tine routing template, so that the wood joint can be milled correctly.

Routing tables for the workshop
We also provide an extensive selection of routing tables. for when you want to use your ruoter in a stationary position. From the entry-level model to the routing table for the professional you will find high-quality products at fair prices. You can compare and decide in peace which routing table is the right one for your requirements or ask our experts. If you would rather build your own personalised routing table, our "Build your own routing table" section offers the right accessories for the job.

For your workshop we can also offer you a range of high quality workbenches. We will also be happy to advise you on the choice.

Circular saw blades and more
Our shop includes large assortment of circular saw blades in craftsman quality. Sorted by size or application, you will quickly find the right circular saw blade. Here, too, we trust German and international suppliers to supply circular saw blades of the highest quality.

Wood drills -  A large and professional selection.
Hundreds of different wood drills  form a further large part of our product range. Drills from FAMAG,a traditional German company,founded in 1865, deliver the highest precision and naturally the famous german engineering quality. They are the world leader in the fields of wood twist drills, Forstner drills, artificial drills and Serpent drills.

Safety in the workshop
So that your workpieces can always be machined firmly and safely, we have put together an extensive range of screw Clamps and toggle clamps for you, including from the famous German brand Bessey. Further workshop aids that make safe routing and sawing possible are listed in the "Workshop Accessories" section. Last but not least, you will also find products important for respiratory protection, including fine dust masks, visors and filters from renowned manufacturers.

We can gurantee the well known sautershop quality for all your routing, sawing and drilling needs as well as for thousands of other products for the workshop. Take a look around!  Feel free to contact us if you need advice, we're happy to help!