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Arbortech Ball Gouge Woodcarver

spherical gouge for freehand shaping of wood | Ø 30 mm | for standard angle grinder 100 - 125 mm

  • Brand: Arbortech
  • Article-No.: ART-BAL-FG-2000-60
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
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EUR 129.00
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Ball Gouge Woodcarver-Arbortech

Ideal tool for creative woodworkers, sculptors, woodturners and carvers

Arbortech's spherical gouge is a spherically shaped grinder attachment that can quickly produce hollow, small, concave surfaces in woodworking projects.
The tool is specifically designed to provide exceptional control, balance and performance in freehand woodworking and carving.

This spherical gouge with a diameter of 30 mm is ideal for cutting smooth cavities such as wooden spoons and small bowls and is suitable for small to medium Suitable for sculptural work. The Ball Gouge with its anti-grave technology helps prevent the tool from digging itself in. It jumps out gently when it moves over a wooden surface and thus creates a chisel-like texture.
The unique ring-shaped cutting edge is designed to sharpen itself during use, extending the life of the cutting edge.


Technical Data

  • Ø ball: 30 mm
  • Mounting on standard angle grinders 100 - 125 mm

Features and advantages

  • Smooth, concave surfaces, ideal for carving smooth cavities such as spoons and small bowls
  • Slight erosion and differentiation
  • Anti-grave technology helps to prevent the ball Gouge from burying
  • Self-sharpening blade, which can also be rotated and replaced - for optimum value and durability
  • Designed for exceptional control, balance and performance

Scope of delivery

  • 30 mm Ball Gouge
  • Allen Key


  • Arbortech Ball Gouge

    The special & unique application of the Ball Gouge from Abortech.

Arbortech Ball Gouge Woodcarver
Delivery time 1-2 days
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