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Ball Bearing D 12,7mm d 4.76mm

Outer Ø: 9,52 mm | Inner Ø: 4.76 mm | Height: 3.18 mm

  • Brand: ENT
  • Article-No.: E-00104
  • Weight: 0.003 kg
EUR 10.63
EUR 10.63
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ENT Ball Bearing without collar

Technical Data

  • Outside Diameter: (D) - 12,7 mm
  • Inner Diameter: (d) - 4.76 mm
  • Height: (H) - 4.76 mm
  • Rebate Depth: 11.1 mm

Features and advantages

Also suitable for the following ENT router types:

  • E-1350, E-1358, E-1360, E-1374, E-1376, E-1380, E-1382 and E-1384
  • E-1428, E-1436, E-1446, E-1450, E-1452, E-1456, E-1458, E-14770 through E-14773, E-1487, E-1489, E-1491, E-1503..,
  • E-15030 to E-15052, E-1505, E-1510, E-1508, E-1512, E-1531, E-1533, E-1540, E-15470, E-15770, E-15540, E-15680, E-15710, E-15740, E-16603, E-16620, E-16640, E-16740, E-16690, E-16710, E-17110, E-17140, E-17190, E-17214, E-17240, E-17270

Scope of delivery

  • 1x ENT Ball Bearing D 12,7mm d 4.76mm
Ball Bearing D 12,7mm d 4.76mm
Delivery time 1-2 days
EUR 10.63
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