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Clamps from Bessey - simply clamp better!

Bessey's clamping technology is among the best for woodworking with enormous clamping force and high durability. An extremely extensive range of screw clamps guarantees the right clamping device for every material and every application, no matter how special.

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Bessey screw clamps for every application

The all-steel screw clamps are for wood and metal, while the malleable cast iron screw clamps are particularly suitable for wood. If you have both hands full, the one-handed clamp is the right clamping tool. The one-hand edge clamp is perfect for adding veneer or glue to the edges of a workpiece.

When assembling carcase furniture , it is best to use door clamps, pipe screw clamps or carcase clamps. The body clamps from Bessey clamp perfectly and can also be converted for spreading without changing tools. The protective caps have smooth surfaces that adhere well.

Indispensable for building your own jigs are the various toggle clamps for holding workpieces. When working on the workbench and with guide rails, the clamping elements, table clamps, special clamps for guide rails from Bessey come in handy. Gluing mitred frames or other workpieces is made much easier if you use angle and mitre clamps or band clamps - the tedious application of allowances and readjustment of slipped components is a thing of the past.

Screw clamps with comfort

The symmetrical handle, specially developed for screw clamps, makes working a pleasure. The malleable cast iron screw clamps clamp resiliently and elastically and cover a wide range of applications. The classic all-steel screw clamp has been brought up to date with the latest clamping technology. With Bessey clamps, you simply clamp even more gently.

KliKlamp - the lightweight among screw clamps

An optimum mixture of magnesium, glass-fibre reinforced plastic and cold-drawn Bessey quality steel makes the KliKlamp the perfect helper when many screw clamps are needed for one operation. Using lever clamps instead of the classic screw clamps makes clamping faster and more effective. The natural force of the lever makes it possible. With the professional range of Bessey screw clamps, you are at the cutting edge of clamping technology.