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Crosscut fence CS 70 KA

KA Crosscut fence for CS 70 & CS 50 | Length: 1200 - 2050 mm | NOT FOR SALE OUTSIDE THE EU, SWITZERLAND AND NORWAY

  • Brand: Festool
  • Article-No.: F-488063
  • Weight: 9.012 kg
EUR 395.63
EUR 395.63
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Facilitated cutting to length of beams and battens.

The fence with support for easier work when cutting battens and beams to length with the CS 70 table saw. Thanks to the scale and fence rider, length measurements can be set quickly and easily. The cross-cut fence is mounted on the angle stop and is therefore ready for immediate use.



Technical Data

  • Length: 1,200 - 2,050 mm

Features and advantages

  • The integrated dimension scale and the stop rider enable repeatable cuts from 1,200 - 2,050 mm.
  • The telescopic extension with scale is suitable for longer workpieces up to 2.40 m.
  • The fence can be used with or without a sliding table.
  • Use on both sides is possible.
  • Extendable, with support, rest, measuring tape and stop rider.
  • Easy extension and unrolling of the measuring tape thanks to telescopic mechanism.
  • Facilitates and supports cross-cutting with the CS 70.
  • Support beams and squared timbers.
  • Precisely cut battens and profiles to length.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Festool crosscut fence CS 70 KA
Crosscut fence CS 70 KA
Delivery time 1-2 days
EUR 395.63
incl. 19% VAT