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Panel Raising Cutter D1: 31,8 mm

D1 31,8 mm | D2 16 mm | NL 41,3 mm | R 4 mm | S 12 mm

  • Brand: ENT
  • Article-No.: E-17360
  • Weight: 0.183 kg
EUR 105.46
EUR 105.46
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June 20224

ENT Vertical Panel Raising Cutter D1 31,8 mm Ogee Type B

Two flute vertical panel raising cutter with radius and a higher cutting depth at a smaller tool diameter. For vertical machining of the workpiece. The cutter works from the side and not from the top. Suitable on routing machines with a smaller hole, when a top facing cutter with its large diameter can not be used. This cutter does basically the same job as a horizontal panel raising cutter but can be used at a higher speed or on routers without speed control. Also suitable for use on routing machines with less power. We recommend to machine the routing depth of 41,3 mm in 2 to 3 steps.

Technical Data

  • D: 19,05mm
  • NL: 18,2mm
  • R: 9,5mm
  • T: 5.53mm
  • S: 8mm
  • SL: 32mm

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Panel Raising Cutter D1: 31,8 mm
Panel Raising Cutter D1: 31,8 mm
June 20224
EUR 105.46
incl. 19% VAT