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Protector 150FX

FESTOOL Protector PR RTS-R 80x133

  • Brand: Festool
  • Article-No.: F-201691
  • Weight: 0.094 kg
EUR 16.43
EUR 16.43
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Protector PR RTS-R 80x133

Suitable for

  • for RTS 400 REQ

Features and advantages

  • Close Sandingto the edge up to butt joints
  • Safe and recoilless Sanding
  • Saves time-consuming reworking
  • for gentle Sandingtreatment along window panes, frames and fillings
  • to protect the grinding shoe and workpiece
  • SB-packed

Scope of delivery

Protector 150FX
Delivery time 3-10 days
EUR 16.43
incl. 19% VAT