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Guide bushes for routers, also known as copy sleeves or thrust rings, are required to guide the router along a template or stop if you do not use router cutters  which have their own ball bearing. We offer one of the widest ranges of copy rings for routers, suitable for direct mounting on many routers, or by means of adapter plates of the UNIBASE or FRB type on almost all routers on the market. Basically there are two quality levels of copy rings in our shop:

  • Copy tubes made of steel: are very precise and durable
  • Copy rings made of plastic: are recommend the hobby craftsman for occasional use

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Steel or plastic copy rings to choose from

In combination with our routing templates for countering kitchen worktops, we recommend the use of steel thrust washers, as in these applications, on Because of the strong forces, plastic copy rings melt or break relatively quickly.

We recommend our plastic copy sleeves exclusively for use with the sample templates, e.g. Design Inlay Kit, SIGNCRAFTER letter routing templates or for simple work that requires cause little pressure on the copy rings. For all professional applications we recommend the use of steel sleeves.

Additional rings can also be used to reduce the thickness of the nose and thus the distance to the workpiece, especially during inlay work.