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Router Bits Cutters with Replaceable Blades

Cutters with Replaceable Blades

Cutters with Replaceable Blades shaft 8 mm
Cutters with Replaceable Blades shaft 12 mm
Replacement Blades
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Routing cutters with reversible blades made of carbide are available in different types of cutters. Whether groove cutters, face cutters, flush router bits with ball bearings or rebate cutters: The router bits are available in many diameters and deliver high-quality results in craftsman quality. They can be used on hand routers and stationary routing machines. The reversible blade router bits are also ideal for drilling into hard and soft wood.

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what are the advantages of a router bit with reversible blade?

Thanks to its exchangeable reversible blades, an insert router impresses with a high degree of versatility and economy. If a blade is no longer suitable for routing, it can simply be turned, as most reversible blades have at least two cutting sides. When all the cutting edges have been worn down, the knife can be replaced at low cost. It is therefore no longer necessary to resharpen the entire router, there is no need to go to a sharpening service. The problem of dimensional differences that occur with conventional milling tools due to resharpening can also be avoided in this way. This means that a high degree of repeat accuracy is achieved during routing. Due to the constant diameter, the tool is always ready for use.

Even though the purchase price is initially higher than for conventional end mills, these routers are worthwhile, especially if the router is used frequently.

Note: For safety's sake, always check that the screws are tight before using insert cutters.