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Routing templates

Routing templates

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System 32 Router Template
Routing template for kitchen worktops
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Radius Corner Template
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Template for router tables and MFT'S
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Routing templates are suitable for many router applications, e.g. routing curves, grooves, letters, hinges, door locks or carving patterns. Probable the best-known application for a routing template is used to produce seamless joins on large work surfaces like routing template for kitchen worktops.

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Routing Angle and Compasses

Routing angles or routing compasses help to rout circles or other partially round cut-outs in wood, plastic or aluminium. We offer devices for circular routing from a diameter range of a few centimeters up to nearly 2 meters. Elliptical shapes can also be produced with the aid of a routing ellipse. The new flexible curve straight edges, KurvenLinfix or KurvenFormfix, are ideal tools to produce templates with different shapes for the router.