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Trend T14EK

Powerful router with 2,300 W for router table use
Incl. 8 &12 mm collets | Speed 9,000 - 22,000 rpm | Switch for router table use
With fine height adjustment through the table

  • Trend
  • SET-T14EK-8

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Trend t14ek router with 8 & 12mm collets Powerful router for router table use or in manual... more

Trend t14ek router with 8 & 12mm collets

Powerful router for router table use or in manual mode with height adjustment through the router table

The T14EK is the answer to the long proven and very popular router Trend T11EK. It is particularly popular for stationary use among woodworkers with high demands on quality, performance and precision. The T14EK comes with an additional switch that allows the machine to be operated and controlled at the router table. This additional switch "bypasses" the restart protection and at the same time ensures safe handling of the router at the router table in compliance with the standards. Not to be missed is the ability to adjust the routing height through the table, which the T14EK does with its usual precision and ease.

Advantages & features:

  • Powerful motor with 2,300 watts for the demanding routing jobs in hand and table operation.
  • Table operation: The additional switch supplied controls the router in stationary use and at the same time deactivates the restart protection. The switch is connected directly in a handle and mounted at the front of the router table. 
  • In manual mode (without additional switch), the restart protection is active.
  • Large cutting stroke of 80 mm enables routing jobs that require a large milling depth.  
  • Integrated LEDs provide a better view of the workpiece and increase safety when routing (manual mode). 
  • By keeping the speed constant, the machine guarantees a uniform routing pattern even under load.
  • Compatible with sauter insert plates ELP1.0 and ELP2.0.
  • The ergonomically shaped handles always ensure comfortable and safe guidance of the router in manual mode.
  • The soft start ensures optimum control when starting the machine.
  • Base plate opening of Ø 75 mm enables the use of large routers up to a diameter of 55 mm.
  • Efficient dust extraction: With the additional option of upward extraction with the supplied suction tube, the T14EK increases safety for a dust-free work area.

Technical data:

  • Power: 2,300 watts
  • Adjustable speed: 9,000 - 22,000 rpm
  • Cutting stroke: 0 - 80 mm
  • Collet chuck: 12 mm
  • Copying ring: 30 mm
  • Dimensions of base plate: 170 x 150 mm
  • Ø cutter opening base plate: 75 mm
  • Max. router Ø: 50 mm (manual operation)
  • Max. cutter Ø router Ø: 85 mm (table operation)
  • Distance of holes for rip fence: 110 mm (centre to centre)
  • Diameter of extraction socket: 35 mm
  • Unit height / width: 300 mm / 300 mm
  • Restart protection according to IEC/EN 62841-2-17:2017 in manual mode
  • Weight: 6.8 kg

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x router T14EK-EURO
  • 1x additional switch for table operation
  • 1x Height adjuster for table operation
  • 1x Rip fence
  • 1x Suction adapter 
  • 1x Suction tube
  • 1x Collet 12 mm 
  • 1x Collet 8 mm 
  • 1x Copying ring 30 mm
  • 1x Copying ring holder
  • 1x Centring pin for copying rings
  • 1x Transport case
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