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Shaper Origin + Workstation + Plate

The Shaper Origin is a hand-held CNC router that allows you to make many processes in your workshop easier, more precise and more efficient. Whether directly via the machine's touchscreen or via CAD import, the Origin points the way to the future of craftsmanship. The Origin shows its full strength in teamwork: Origin + Workstation + Plate.

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Delivery time 1-2 days
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Shaper Origin + Workstation + Plate

The professional trio for perfect results.

In combination with the Shaper Workstation and the Plate template, you are equipped for all projects.

Workstation is the flexible and efficient clamping device with which even complex projects can be realised. Fix workpieces horizontally and vertically, create perfect finger joints and sight joints or clamp even small workpieces for safe machining. With the workstation as a practical clamping device, even complex projects can be implemented quickly and easily with the Origin. Or use the workpiece carrier to fix and machine even small and narrow workpieces. Simply attach the workstation to your workbench or use it as a mobile workstation. This way you can use the workstation anywhere.

With the universal template Plate you have one tool for all your work. Perfect for inserting various fittings, inlay work and hole lines in System 32 and more. Plate combines perfectly with the many digital hardware data from the ShaperHub hardware catalogue. Simply search for the fitting you want, sync with Origin and start milling.