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Tine milling machine FD600

Dovetail tines quick & easy to produce.
Working width max. 610 mm,

  • IGM
  • I-FD600

Delivery time 1 - 2 days **

€219.00 *

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Tine milling machine FD 600 from IGM Tine milling device incl. template for... more

Tine milling machine FD 600 from IGM

Tine milling device incl. template for semi-covered dovetail tines

The tine milling machine from IGM is a very high-quality and stable construction made of steel. Suitable for workpiece thicknesses from 11 - 25 mm. This system is suitable for both Suitable for professionals as well as any do-it-yourselfer.
Advantages & Own:

  • High-quality steel construction with high precision thanks to CNC production
  • easy to install and handle
  • Adjustable tine stop for more precise positioning of the start/end tines
  • incl. matching steel copy ring 15,8mm
    • Outer diameter 60 mm with 2 mounting holes at 50 mm intervals, measured from hole centre to hole centre. This type of copy rings usually fits directly onto most DeWalt-, Perles-, Elu-, Metabo-, Felisatti-, and all TREND topsfräsen (except the T7 from Trend). For other brands you may need an adapter plate. This is available as Upperfräsen-specific adapter plate or as universal adapter plateto select the corresponding copy rings can be used.
  • Important! The necessary copy ring / copy sleeve is automatically supplied with each stencil, unless the same copy ring is used that is used in the Basic equipment is supplied.
  • incl. suitable cutter for semi-concealed dovetail tines I-M118-12781
  • usable with all common routersfräsen (a small, handy router with 500 - 1000 W power is recommended)

Technical data:
  • Workpiece thicknesses: 11 - 25 mm
  • Workpiece widths: up to 610 mm
  • Operating tools and instructions included
  • incl. template for semi-concealed dovetail joints width 12.7 mm

Different templates optionally available:

  • half covered dovetail tines width 6,35 mm ---> see art. No. FD6350
  • open finger prongs ("Box Joints") width 8 mm --> see art. No. FD6080
  • open finger prongs ("Box Joints") width 12,7 mm (1/2") --> see art. No. FD6130
  • dovetail connection open to both sides width 12.7 mm (1/2") --> see Art. No. FD6170
  • dovetail connection open on both sides width 19 mm (3/4") --> see Art. No. FD6190

Delivery Includes:
Basic unit FD 600, template for semi-concealed dovetail tines 12.7 mm, copy ring 15.8 mm, tine cutter I-M118-12781, operating tool, manual